WoLF Commercial Model

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The WoLF Commercial model can produce 5,472 gallons/day – running 24/7.
WoLF commercial-grade water structuring is the best available by far.
Whatever use for Quantum WoLF water structuring you may have, your target output flow rates can be achieved by installing more WoLF structured water devices as modules. Example: 4 WoLF Commercial units could supply 21,888 gal/day or 82,855 liters/day if run 24 hours.

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General Specifications

  • Dimensions – Wolf Case – 24.5″ W x 24.5″ H x 8.5″ D      Weight – ~ 42 lbs.
  • Electrical Requirements – 12VDC @ 1500mA – supplied by ANALOG Transformer.
  • Transformer – MUST BE an ANOLOG or NON – “digital circuitry” type Transformer –
    Input Requirements – 120VAC, 60Hz, 50W
  • 2 Vortex Tubes – CW & CCW spins. – Golden Mean Ratio Dimensions
  • Advance Modified Tesla Coil pulsed DC voltage output – ~90,000v – Frequency dependent.
  • 308 Vectors of Change – unprecidented holistic diversity of water treatment
  • Water System – SELF CLEANING – Attribute of Water Structuring Process.
  • No Moving Parts
  • Required minimum water input pressure – 18 lbs.
  • Structured Water Output volume for Commercial Model –
    3.8 gallons/minute or 14.385 liters/minute
    5,472 gallons/day or 20,714 liters/day
    Other custom flow rates may be arranged
  • Waste water volume – minimal
  • 3 Carrier Frequencies injected into Water System – Cosmic Pitch Notes of D, G, B.
  • All frequencies – based on Planet Earth’s Schumann Nominal Pulse of 7.83 cycles/sec.


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