Superior Water Technology
Using Earth’s Natural Processes

Clean living water for your home, products, and world.





Living Water

When the water you drink is repeatedly treated with chemicals and filtered, it loses the very life essence and becomes dead. We have developed superior water purification and water restructuring solutions that not only clean, purify and soften your water, but also return it to its natural LIVING state.

We have water purification system solutions for whole-home/personal, commercial, and even Industrial scale water treatment applications.

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Whole Home - Personal

The POL water purification system isn’t just water treatment, water filtration, or water softener system for your entire home and family. Our water vortex technology does all of these functions within a whole home water treatment system that leaves your water sanitized, yet living, the way it is done in nature.


Our water treatment systems for commercial applications deliver the highest quality water. Whether you produce water-based products, beverages, or manufactured goods that require the purest ingredients, the POL water treatment system can deliver well beyond anything you’ve used before. 


POL is developing a scaled version of our water treatment systems that can handle treatment at industrial scales. For municipalities, government water systems, water treatment plants, and more. Our systems can be utilized in line with your existing process to lower costs and improve quality and sustainability.

The Technology

The POL Enterprise vortex water treatment technology goes well beyond filtering, chemical treatments, salt or osmosis. Our technology restructures the water to make it clean and alive naturally.

Home Water Treatment

A whole home water treatment system that cleans, softens, and restructures the water in your entire home without chemicals. Learn how our totally unique home water filtration and treatment system works differently than any other solution on the market today.

Commercial Water Treatment

Our Commercial Water Treatment and Structuring systems deliver the world’s best water structuring for your commercial product and application. Starting with the cleanest live water makes a huge impact on the end result product you create. We can help!


Industrial Water Treatment

Whether you are designing or managing very large industrial or municipal water treatment systems, our custom-designed solutions can save you a significant amount of money and deliver a better, more refined solution with far less waste.

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