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Violet Ray Bulb in operation

Violet Ray Bulb in operation, generating Violet Light (732 trillion vibrations) per second.

Violet Ray Technology

We have created two of the most powerful and natural ways of supporting your body’s health with Information Medicine Devices.

Crystal Wisdom and Radionics Emulates Nature

The Violet Ray Crystal Resonator is also the world’s most effective radionics tool utilizing both ancient and modern crystal technology. It’s powerful and flexible. At Pillar of Light, we understand that emulating nature is a balanced and powerful way to increase the effectiveness of our quantum technologies.

Both the VRCR and our WoLF water structuring devices, were designed with this in mind.


(Referred to as the “Atomic Accelerator” by St. Germain)

The VRCR is an instrument given to mankind through Jack Derby, founder of Pillar of Light Enterprises, to assist the vibrational shift from an incoherent vibration, to a coherent one.

Its design was intuitively guided to be a blend of ancient Crystal Wisdom and modern Electronics, including an enhanced Ultra High-Frequency Tesla Coil. This combination produces the Violet Ray and other harmonic frequencies capable of interacting with our physical and subtle bodies.


Scientists agree with the Masters, that the Earth’s base frequency (Schumann Frequency), is firmly holding at 7.83 Hz (vibrations per second). The human Power Centers (Chakras) ideally vibrate at harmonic levels of that base frequency.

Using this base frequency and 15 harmonic frequencies, the VRCR emits the super high vibrations of the Violet, Golden, and Elemental Energy Rays. The Elemental Rays (blue) shift one toward body temple knowledge. The Violet Ray alchemizes our body’s frequencies.

Together, the Modified Tesla Coil (energetic focusing amplifier), Triad Antenna (etheric energy collector), and the Crystal Array (subtle god energy transducer), create an energetic pathway and a thought form amplifier with a biofeedback loop among many other functions.

Violet Ray Crystal Resonator Technology
Service - Violet Ray Machine and Crystal Resonator

VRCR – Stress Reduction:

The VRCR is a stress reduction technology that bolsters and showcases your body’s own, innate wisdom. You are the star of this show.

The VRCR helps your own healing potential.

STRESS is the number one cause of illness and disease. The Violet Ray Crystal Resonator helps to remove biological stressors, inside and out, while balancing your bio-fields and much more.

Your body has an amazing capacity to rejuvenate and heal itself. Remove the stress and let your body do the rest and in the way it’s naturally intended to be.



That’s because the VRCR works holistically with gentle yet powerfully coherent energy and information; just like nature does.

But don’t be fooled by the appearance of subtlety in regards to information Medicine. The VRCR speaks the language of the “information field” or your “biofield.” In doing so, it can really pack a wallop on that which stresses your biology and causes dis-ease. The VRCR interfaces with the physical and quantum nature of biology, the environment, and the user’s own consciousness.

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