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Pillar of Light Enterprise has a story of legacy, innovation, and transformation. Below you will read where the story began and where it is today, along with the people who created and continued the legacy.

Jack Derby began with Quartz Crystal’s research and inquiry. And then he moved on into Schumann Resonance and electromagnetic bio-field experimentation and energy entrainment. He began “receiving” downloads of technological information that his everyday mind had no way of knowing on its own. He did experience some resistance to this process as his “common sense” mind wanted to object on occasion to what was happening. When guided to set up his experiments in a certain way, he would think, “Why would I do that? That can’t possibly work!” In those moments, higher guidance told him, in loving ways, to trust it, “shut up and just do it.” And so he did and his project would work. He began producing technologies that sprang forth from the knowledge and guidance he received.

This all started 30+ years ago and his early devices were stunning and years ahead of their time as they remain so even today. Jack’s devices have evolved and they now have a surprising coherence and alignment with today’s leading-edge sciences in several fields of inquiry. Electromagnetic field research and biological impact, epigenetic and information field influence, crystal sciences, Tesla energy, water memory, and energy systems, water structuring, Schumann Resonance tuning frequencies, Homeopathic water programming, quantum mechanics processes, and a whole lot more.

This technology is less about outer research and more about the inner one. While others were busy trying to figure things out and prove how certain things might work, Jack was already busy making the finished product for the good of humanity. He trusted and flowed with the inner guidance and it paid off.

And that leads us to where Pillar of Light is right now. We are guided by an inner purpose that, in some ways, is always larger than what we can see in this moment. There is a plan to bring forth these technologies for the good of humanity.

Jack Derby – Founder

Born into an Iowa farm community, he was aware that he had an extra “sense” of things that helped him throughout his life. He experienced increased knowing how things worked and could problem-solve beyond his “education”. Being raised on a farm, Jack experienced machinery in operation as well as opportunities to fix them.

He joined the Marines at the age of 19 and served in the Korean War as the youngest sergeants on record.

He took his all of his acquired skill into his work environment as an Aeronautic Mechanic for a major airline. He started as “Shop Boy” and overtime was recognized to be so capable they moved him to a full fledged mechanic. It wasn’t long before his uncanny sense of knowing what was wrong with the aircraft spread throughout the airline. With this “knowing” his diagnostic skill became recognized and was flown all over to diagnose what others could not.

How did Jack Derby; a farm boy, a handyman, and a Mr. Fix It, derive technological answers that only now, leading-edge scientific research is beginning to prove and explain? Jack would say that HE himself did not know how to do it. Rather, the higher awareness within him was the force that brought forth the information.

Ron Scavo - Pillar of Light CEO

Ron Scavo – CEO

Born in the Chicago land area, he was raised in a large family of seven and from an early age was fascinated with how and why things worked. Ron started working at the age of 14. His fascination with how things works always motivated him in what he did for work and his direction for his degree in electro-mechanical design. He also had some great experiences in the family business. Being intuitive was part of Ron from a young age, he was always receiving ideas on how to create things, how to fix things, and how things worked. He was always checking in to see what he should be doing and where he should go. This increased more and more with a series of health issues that hit his loved ones.

Ron was working for a company that moved into the space right next door to Pillar of Light Enterprises and being his outgoing self, he introduced himself to Jack. There was a profound and instantaneous connection between the two and Ron knew he would one day be doing “something” with Jack. Soon, he was helping out at POL Enterprises in the evenings and weekends learning not only how to fabricate the machines but, how they worked. Being of like minds and spirit they worked well together. Ron knew that everything he had done in his life so far was to prepare him for this! This allowed Ron’s visionary creativity, under Jack’s tutelage, to expand over the last 12 years. Jack realized not only the talent and craftsmanship Ron possessed in making the machines; he was the first person Jack met, that had the mental capacity to understand how they worked. They both knew that someday Ron would be carrying on what Jack has started with POL, Enterprises. The transition for Ron to run POL started in 2020 and is continuing to move POL Enterprises forward in the full vision that Jack created and more.

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